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Standard Services

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Includes full chemical management, surface skimming, waterline tile scrub, wall scrub, thorough vacuum, skimmers, pre-filter clean, backwashing (if needed) and pool deck blown off.
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Cleaning or Chem Only Service

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Filter Cleaning

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Pool Opening / Closing Service

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Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair

PoolWorks provides a high-quality service at a fair price. We will always live up to the commitments we make to our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. PoolWorks is here to ensure you and your family enjoy this large investment you made. Our goal is to make sure your family enjoys their time swimming and playing in a clean pool with perfect water chemistry and balance.


You'll know when we're on your property, when we leave, what we oberved and what we did every week.


All of our technicians are CPO certified, well-trained and paid above industry standards.


The chemicals we use are all manufactured by name-brand, industry leading companies with proven track records.

Chemical Management

Professionally monitored and balanced chemical management is key to sparkling , beautiful water and a safe environment for your family and guests. To ensure balance and safety, PoolWorks measures the following.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Technicians

We make sure all of our technicians have been CPO certified to ensure the knowledge needed when handling your pool.


Is a key component to our service standard. The value of your time is something we understand and respect greatly.

Customer Satisfaction

Yes, Pools are what we service, but more importantly, our job is not complete until our customers are satisfied.


We make sure the work we do is transparent and communicated directly so you will always feel comfortable and confident that your in good hands with Poolworks.


Poolworks has ensured quality results by making sure we have the top of the line equipment to work with.


We not only strive to provide premier service but we take pride in creating healthy, respectful, and productive relationships with our Clients.

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Once the chlorine cells mate with a contaminant cell that particle of chlorine is considered Combined Chrlorine. Once the chlrorine combines with another cell it can no longer fight the other contaminents in your pool. It is important that your pool’s water has a proper amount of Free Chlorine (not combined with anything yet) to stand guard against all new contaminents. Acceptagle ranges are 3-7PPM, PoolWorks’ standard is 5.0.
It scales, it rusts and eats away at your equipment’s internal components. Ca Hard does not change quickly but we test weekly, anyway. Once it gets too high it can become difficult to manage. The industry acceptable range is 200-400, PoolsWorks’ target is 300.